Q - What is included in the Lighthearted Memories Package?
A - The Lighthearted Memories Package includes the Songs We Remember Manual, the Lighthearted Memories Program Guide, the Lighthearted Memories CD, and the Music Maker. The tuner and tuning pick-up are optional. We recommend this package to begin.

Q - How do I know if I should order a tuner?
A - Tuning the Music Maker is the most difficult part of the program. If you know someone who plays piano or if there is a music store close to you with an employee that will tune your Music Maker for you, do not purchase a tuner. Have that person teach you how to tune it using the piano. It is much easier.

If there are no other options available to you, you will need to order the tuner. There are step-by-step tuning instructions on the last page of the Lighthearted Memories Program Guide. Ordering the tuning pick-up will make tuning a great deal easier.

Q - What does the Home and Prairie Package include?
A - The Home and Prairie Package includes the Home and Prairie Program Guide and the Home and Prairie CD.

Q - What does the Sacred Hymns Package include?
A - The Sacred Hymns Package includes the Sacred Hymn Program Guide and the Scared Hymn CD.