2010 Finalist - Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriting Competition
2008 Gold Medal - Robbie Burns Recital Competition, Calgary Highland Games
2008 Finalist - Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriting Competition
2006 Bronze Medal - Robbie Burns Recital Competition, Calgary Highland Games

Music has always been a part of life for prairie singer/songwriter Alison Demeter. At a very young age while listening to her father's band rehearse, Alison was introduced to western music. At the same time, a long line of traditional Celtic music was being passed on by her mother. Add pop, rock, and folk from her teen years and jazz when taking voice at Grant McEwan University and the result is an ever changing range of musical influences.

Although Alison has been writing songs since she was 10, it wasn't until 2002 that she began sharing her songs at various venues and festivals around Alberta. Included are the Mountain View Music Festival, Tongue On The Post, Celtic Folk Club, Water Valley Celtic Music Festival, and the Pincher Creek Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Alison's debut album, Moments in Time is co-produced by Craig Newnes and was recorded and engineered at Glow Music Arts in Calgary. Although some of the songs on Moments in Time have a fuller sound, most of her arrangements are very simple. The variety of musicians who contributed to the album include:

Alison Demeter ...voice, guitar, piano, bg vocals, Bruce Harding ...flute, alto flute, and bass flute, Clea Roddick ...accordion, Craig Newnes ...upright bass and electric bass, Greg Hooper ...tin whistle, Kathy Cook ...mandolin, bg vocals, Myran Szott ...fiddle, Natasha Platt vocals, Shaun Coburn ...violin, bg vocals, Spencer Cheyne ...drums, percussion, Tim Williams ...guitar, and Will Mehew vocals

Notes on the Songs

With the exception of the title track, all of the songs on the album were written between 1980 and 2002 and are reflective of events in the lives of ordinary people - weddings, babies, romance, faith and just simply having a good time.

Sorinda's Lullaby, written before Alison's first child was born, begins with a conversation between the upright bass and accoustic guitar that continues with counter melodies and harmonies that gently weave the story together. Oh My Lord is an intimate conversation with God during a dark night of the soul. A response to 9/11, Moments in Time, reflects on the relationship between the gift of life each of us are given and how we choose to spend our time here. While Alison celebrates the western music passed on to her in My Father's Gifts, she tells the story of her Celtic influences passed down through several generations of Scottish women in And She Danced. With her sassy girlfriends standing right beside her, the story of Blue Eyed Baby is sung through the voice of a southern girl, Liza-Belle, after her all too charming husband has done her wrong.

Through her music Alison has met some of the nicest people you could ever hope to know. With the release of Moments in Time, her goal is to begin touring solo in the spring of 2011, inviting those she meets to experience the music she has to offer.

Comments from Regular People

We listened to your CD when we got home - what a wonderful treat! Both Rob & I really enjoyed it. The songs that really resonated for me are the ones that were likely written closest to your heart - the songs for your parents & for your daughters. I can hardly wait to get together and find out more of the stories behind the music. Well done - you should be very proud of yourself.
- Deb C.

I mentioned that I had given one to a neighbor. His comments to me were - "Who is this gal? She has such a sweet clear voice. It is so easy to listen to." At the time I spoke with you I hadn't had a chance to listen - but since then I have and I agree. It is a beautiful cd. It is well done and enhances your voice and your songs.
- Lorna W.

Tonight as we played a game together, we listened to your CD. When it was time for T. to go to bed she asked, "May I please take Alison's CD and play it as I fall asleep?"
You are the bedtime Queen!
- John W.

As for your cd, thank you again. I have listened to it thoroughly and find it to be the complete "you"...if that makes sense. I believe it captures moments that reflect you spiritual nature; it looks back reflectively with care and attention. We, the audience, can easily identify and connect with that time and space....through you. The cd, itself, is beautiful. The illustrations, intriguing and infused with numerous songs...All of the musicians accompanied you well, needless to say, and the "recording" brings you close to the audience. I have enjoyed "hearing" from your heart.
- Shaun C.

Alison's CD "Moments In Time" is a compilation of songs from her heart and soul. Her sweet voice and lyrics raises the hair on my arms.

This CD was a labour of love for Alison and a wonderful tribute to her heritage and life itself. As a dedicated musician she and her fellow musicians have created a memorable and very enjoyable musical journey.
- Shirley D.

"Alison has thoughtful lyrics and a sweet voice. Her songs are presented honestly which adds to her charm. I think she is an up and comer who we should watch for."

“When Alison first came out to the Open Mic that I host in early 2006, I was quite impressed. And since that time, I have been thrilled to see her progress even further as a performer and songwriter. Whether she is playing one of her own terrific songs or covering someone else's, she always puts her heart into it. Alison is blessed with wonderful singing and songwriting abilities and her talents are a blessing to us.”

“A fresh new voice on the Calgary music scene Alison Demeter brings her heart-felt lyrics to life with a bright vocal presentation. Utilizing her talent on keyboard and guitar Alison’s original ballads and love songs along with traditional material can bring an audience to laughter and to tears. I look forward to hearing more from this new light in Canadian folk music.”

"Alison Demeter blew into Medicine Hat like a southerly snow eater on the first night of the Tongue on the Post winter folk festival. Her clear, true, voice and strong original ballads were a highlight at the Friday night Singer Songwriter open stage. On Saturday afternoon, Alison's special ability to form immediate bonds with an audience were showcased at the Children's Side Stage. Kids loved her sing-a-long stylings and storytelling. As the Radical Rover, Alison warmed the crowd waiting for seats for the evening concert and proved that her connections run to older folks as well. It takes that special personal something for complete strangers to risk singing a round under Alison's capable direction. Alison Demeter's musical gifts, her training, and experience as a music professional make her an immediately warm and familiar friend whenever she performs. She was a welcome winter presence at our festival."