October, 2010


CD Release Concert
3:00 p.m. on October 24, 2010
St. David's United Church

Yes, after three years I am finally finished my debut album of original music! Through this experience I have learned that co-producer, Craig Newnes, is extremely talented, an absolute joy to work with, and an exceptional person. Working with musicians such as Tim Williams, Myran Szott (Ian Tyson), and Bruce Harding I have been inspired to become a better musician.

I am so very grateful to everyone who has contributed to the making of this album and I hope you will join me to celebrate.

April, 2010

Spring has arrived and although we did not receive our traditional March snowstorms, I am told that the unusual amount of fog we have had will bring moisture in May. I have begun to plant seeds and I am looking forward to getting back into my garden.

I continue to plug away at my CD. All of the guide tracks are finished and the vocal tracks will be completed by the end of April. After recording the piano tracks on a digital piano I realized truly how much I love the sound of acoustic instruments. Thus, I rerecorded the piano tracks and I am thrilled with the sound of the grand piano!

Trails in My Memory, my newest collaboration with Buddy Gale, will be debuted during the Friday evening show at the Pincher Creek Cowboy Poetry Gathering in June. Meanwhile, another wonderful cowboy poet, Jesse Colt, has invited me to perform with him by weaving songs into his poems. He is a very gentle and talented poet and I am honored to be supporting him.

My latest adventure in composing, however, is writing commercials! Leading up to our newest edition of Alberta Afternoon, a simulated live radio broadcast that I write and direct, I had been denied permission to use some of the old commercials I needed for the show. As a result, I have written my own commercials that feature local people and businesses who have been very supportive of our show. If an afternoon of music, humor, and surprising twists interests you, there are two shows this year, May 1st at St. Davids United Church and May 15th at the Kerby Centre, both at 1:30 pm. Tickets are available online through the Pumphouse Theatre box office.

I have once again been chosen to be a finalist in the Ship and Anchor/Calgary Folk Music songwriting contest and will be competing in May with the song, I Ain't Never Gonna Be A Cowboy! I am very excited about this quirky little song that continues to receive such good response; perhaps it will be my million dollar song!

As you begin to come alive this spring may you experience the joy and the wonder of all that is around and within you!

October, 2009

I have my garden in, my canning, freezing and preserving completed, and now I can settle in and enjoy long walks followed by hot tea to warm my cheeks from the crisp air the fall brings.

I had hoped to be finished my CD this fall and perhaps I will make it yet! I have my tracks for six of my songs finished with three to go. I continue to learn and grow through this process and I am very grateful for Craig Newnes at Glow Music Arts for his guidance, patience, and expertise while I have worked on my CD.

Although I have stepped back a bit from performing this fall to work on my CD, I have had a few gigs. My first main stage performance at a cowboy poetry gathering was at Trails End in Cochrane in September. I also had a wonderful evening with all the folks at the Cabin Cafe in October and the children were absolutely delightful!

Cowboy poet, Buddy Gale, and I continue to collaborate. When my current CD is completed, it looks like I am going to begin recording the songs I have created from the poems written by Buddy - with a few of my own western songs thrown in of course!

I am very excited to be sharing the stage at a coffeehouse with Doug Baker in November. There is no one who loves to perform like Doug so I can guarantee this will be an enjoyable evening and I hope you will drop by.

As you settle into the fall may you experience love and laughter in great abundance!

July, 2009

After a long, dry spell I am very grateful for some rain. The vegetables in my garden have doubled in size in just a few days and my mixed garden is beginning to burst with color. I have realized that a flower garden is actually an art form; the gardener sculpts with living medium to create a scene. Color, texture, shape and form must all be considered as the season moves from spring to summer and finally to the fall.

As always, I have been extremely busy. I try to update my greeting with the changing of the seasons and somehow spring just passed on by! I continue to work on my CD and after many years of searching and through the recording process, I believe I have found my sound. I will not share it with you yet, and, I hope to be finished my CD in the fall.

I had decided not to perform as much this summer, and instead focus on recording. Much to my surprise, I have had many invitations to perform and I am especially grateful for the opportunity to work with the cowboy poets from the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association.

Through my work with the ACPA my music has taken an unexpected turn - cowboy poet, Buddy Gale and I have been collaborating! I have adapted two of his poems to song. We performed *Cowboy Sunrise* at the Alcoma Spring Tea in April and I introduced *High River Town* at the Pincher Creek Cowboy Poetry Gathering in June.

To all who listen, to all who offer opportunity, and to all who perform with me... thank you for supporting my dream.

January, 2009

I do not believe we have had a winter like this for over ten years! Although the abundance of snow that has fallen in Calgary has been a bit treacherous with driving, I love walking amidst the snowy sculptures that are recreated with every new snowfall.

The fall was very busy. I have had a few shows but I have spent most of my time working on my CD. Preproduction with the Swing Geezers went extremely well and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. As a result of the time we spent together, I have found a completely new depth of commitment to my music, have learned the skills I will need to complete my CD and the confidence to move into whatever it is that awaits me for the rest of the project. What a gift they have been to me!

With the beginning of a new year I look back at the old year with such gratitude. For the life celebrations, the music festivals, the outdoor markets, the folks I have had the honor of working with and singing for, and for all of you who have supported my dream... I give thanks.

May your year be filled with peaceful moments, a profusion of love, and a fullness of spirit.

September, 2008

With the frost holding off in Calgary this September, the trees have been slow to drop their leaves and we have been blessed with an unusually glorious amount of color! The farmers are busy harvesting their crops, garden vegetables are being prepared for winter, and people are returning to their regular routines. The flowers in my yard have not faded and instead are creating a rich visual fall feast.

The summer was very busy with many performances including the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Pincher Creek, Water Valley Celtic Music Festival, the MacKenzie Towne Farmer's market and the Millarville Farmer's Market. I performed a song at the open stage at the Canmore Folk Festival, composed three new songs to add to my repertoire and have really enjoyed meeting all kinds of people at the venues I have performed at. Perhaps my fondest memory of Summer 2008 is winning a gold medal at the Calgary Highland Games in the Calgary Burns Club Recital Competition!

I have also been hard at work on preproduction for my CD with the Swing Geezers. I am definitely being stretched musically and I am very grateful for their creativeness and support of my project.

With Christmas just around the corner, people and organizations are beginning to look for entertainment. I would love to support any celebrations that you may hear about and would appreciate your passing my name on to the organizers.

And speaking of Christmas... mark your calendar now for the second annual Old Fashioned Christmas for Families on December 20th at the Cabin Cafe. We are sure to have a great time with activities, music and singing.

Take care and may your life be filled with abundance this fall!

June, 2008

Summer is just around the corner and I have been busy enjoying my garden. Our usual June rains have descended upon us a week early this year. And still, after a very dry winter, I am grateful for the moisture that cleanses the earth and turns the world green. When the sun breaks through for the summer, I will be excited to see new growth - sometimes inches in one day!

I had a wonderful time competing in the Ship & Anchor and Calgary Folk Festival Song Writing Contest in May. Thank you to the Swing Geezers for supporting me at the competition - they are just great to work with! Although I did not place, the experience was invaluable, a lot of fun, and I was very honored to be chosen as one of the finalists.

Over the past few months I have discovered that I absolutely love supporting life celebrations such as retirement parties and birthday parties. It is such a blessing to witness the milestones in people’s lives and to be a part of the ritual and acknowledgement of these special times. I think we humans need to celebrate each other much more often!

I did not receive my AFA Grant and, I have decided to go ahead and begin recording a CD anyway. Although it will probably take me a good year to complete it, I am looking forward to finally getting some of my music out there.

June has already been, and will continue to be a busy month. I am playing at a few festivals so if you are in the neighborhood drop by and say hello.

Have a blissful summer!

March, 2008

Spring is just a few weeks away and I am thrilled! Each year when the world starts to awaken I am filled with a renewed sense of awe and wonder at everything around me.

I had an experience a couple of weeks ago on the stretch of highway that runs between Calgary and Edmonton that has been renamed the “Queen Elizabeth II.” I had never heard the shortened form “QE II” but the experience and the name has made an interesting story for a new song that I will be submitting to the Calgary Folk Music Festival Songwriting Contest this year and playing in some of my upcoming shows. You just never know when or where a new song will arrive!

January and February were very busy. I had a fair number of gigs, had a great time performing at the Tongue on the Post Folk Festival in Medicine Hat, completed and recorded a commissioned song entitled “Butterfly”, and I submitted a grant application to Alberta Foundation for the Arts to record a commercial CD.

Although the grant application was an enormous amount of work, it was extremely beneficial in helping me to clearly define where I am going with my music and how I am going to get there. I am very grateful for a number of people who have been very giving of their time and experience to support my application.

I have a few shows and festivals coming up and I hope to be adding in some more soon so I invite you to browse through the list. As always, I am grateful for your support.

Happy Spring!

January, 2008

Happy New Year and welcome to my site!

I was very busy in December with a great variety of shows and parties. I think the highlight was the show at the Cabin Café. There were so many people who came and joined in with different aspects of the evening…the youngest was around 2 and the oldest about 75! We sang carols, told stories, participated in activities, ate Tim’s great food and really celebrated the coming of Christmas in community.

I had a short conversation with one young man who was there with his wife and children. He was originally from a family of seven children in Newfoundland and explained to me that when he was growing up they had no TV or computers. For entertainment on a Saturday evening they joined together in story and song in much the same way we were that night. He was so excited and grateful to have been a part of our evening at the Cabin and to have experienced that wonderful sense of community once again. It is stories like this that make me truly grateful for the gifts I have been blessed with and am able to share with others.

I’m already off to a great start for 2008. I am in the beginning stages of setting up an Alberta tour for the summer so I can share my music and meet some more of the folks in my native province. In the meantime I invite you to check out what is up and coming under “shows.” If you can make it out to anything I look forward to seeing you.


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